Am I Psychic?

Are you the kind of person that sees something for someone else on a daily basis? Are your visions geared to only seeing something on a yearly basis? What kind of psychic are you? Everyone is born with a vision of some sort inside of their mind. Some say that a person is born to be a full time spiritual adviser when they feel a tug on their lives for a specific reason. Psychics tend to give psychic readings to people when they feel that they have a calling in life to express themselves in a spiritual manner. Being psychic simply means that you are someone that can see into the past, present and future for someone. It also means that you have the ability to help someone that cannot help themselves. Most people visit psychics when they feel that they cannot see into the future for themselves. Many clairvoyants are busy helping others to make sense of their own lives.

In order to see what kind of a psychic you are, it is important to write down what you feel for people. When you look at someone, do you get a certain feeling about them? Do you want to help them or help them to understand who they are as a person? Many spiritual advisers minister to people’s needs about love, money or their professional career. It is natural for someone to say, “I have to help someone in order to express my spiritual gift.” You are going to have to decide on who you are. Many women and men try to use their spiritual gifts on their jobs. Everyone knows that a lot of people at work are grumpy and in bad spirits a lot of the time. It may be because they need help and don’t know how to ask for it. In this high technological age, people are hungry to know truth and love. They want to experience balance in their lives and feel like someone is going to help them. It is important to have true love side of your energy. If you sense that someone is sad, you may be able to practice on someone that is hurting. Don’t be to overbearing, but tell someone what you are thinking and how you truly feel about what they may be going through. Believe it or not, people are often open to psychics these days.