I Lost Everything When Satan Attacked Me

I feel very much attacked by Satan. Life is a hard journey for me most of the time. I often feel bombarded by negative energy that surrounds me. It is hard to live day by day in a world that is so focused on money and material things. I know inside of my heart that I will be okay financially because God is with me. My love however is paranoid about the whole process. I am not going to let that affect my mood every day. I have to work and do what I can to survive every day. I love my wife so much and I know that God will always provide for me no matter if I declared bankruptcy or not. The Lord has worked the impossible with me and overtime I have learned to overcome the obstacles in my life that are put before me. Life is full of challenges and at times it’s really hard to move ahead in life. I have decided to just take things one step at a time and move ahead when I feel like it’s necessary to do so. Life is challenging and I am not going to argue with my wife any longer. I am not worried about the future. If she wants to be, then I have to allow her to feel what she wants. However, I must keep my faith strong and realize that God is going to take care of us no matter what. The Lord is someone that is very strong. He gives us the peace that we need to live and he gives to us the love that is so important for us. Love is something that we all need to find at some point in our lives. I think that life has its obstacles and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way that we choose. I tried hard to make a good life for us and I see that all of my efforts collapsed in such a short time. I know now that I must take each day as it comes to me and learn from God what the future holds for me. I want to be able to take matters one day at a time. I am going to study for a new college degree and hopefully I will be able to land a good job. I will most likely graduate when I am around 42 or 43. No matter what, I have to find a job that will be good for me. I know that I have to wake up every day and do what I can to survive. Only God truly understand me and my pain. The Lord asks me to be obedient to him and to trust in him. I do trust in God and therefore I know that everything is going to be okay in the end. Things just happen in life. Job lost everything and God gave it back to him.