Psychic Lines

If you have gifts of clairvoyance, astrology and tarot, you may be able to get a job on a psychic phone line. These lines are popular now a days and often charge people some $1.99 to $5.99 a minute to chat. You can usually find your payout to be around $500.00 per week. If you ever wanted to start your own psychic business, you will be able to see that it is rather expensive. You have to pay for your own advertising and phone lines. This could easily take away 50% or more of the money that you would earn. Earning money as a psychic these days is hard. Most people don’t go to “sidewalk psychics” anymore. These are spiritual advisers that own shops. In fact, most people prefer chatting with psychics online or on the telephone. It is just a lot easier. Everyone seems to be leading busy lives these days. Between work, school and other situations, it is no wonder that people want to connect with spiritual advisers more rapidly.