How Do I Use This Service?

Call (800) 679-6032 or use our web interface call now feature by clicking here.

The cost of the call is $1.99 per minute.

Is This Service for Entertainment Purposes Only?


How Old Must You Be to Use This Service?

You must be at least 18 years of age to get a psychic reading.

Do You Offer Free Minutes?

Yes, we offer 3 FREE promotional minutes for first time customers only.

How Do I Enter Payment Details?

Click here to be taken to the user registration page.

What Questions Can I Ask?

You can ask questions about love, money, career, spirituality, business.

When Are You Available for Psychic Readings?

Angelic Psychic is available for readings 24 hours daily. Call anytime.

Do You Give Refunds?

We do not give refunds for any psychic reading given.

Do I Have to Keep Track of My Minutes?

You need to keep track of your minutes.

How Long Has Psychic Angelic Been Giving Readings For?

Psychic Angelic has been giving readings since 1991.

Can I Still Call If I Live Outside of the United States?

Yes, you can place a call from anywhere in the world.

How Will The Charge Appear on My Credit Card Statement?

The charge will appear as First Call Computing.